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What mandate?

Dear Editor:

Ah, the rites of spring. Spring flowers starting to come up. Hiking trails beginning to clear. Bears starting to raid the trash. Soon the city workers will change the stop signs at Durant and Aspen Street.

It’s time for shorts, barbecues and women in summer dresses. It is just great here in Aspen this time of year.

Wait, what’s this I hear? Mayor Mick is proclaiming he has a mandate from the voters. What!? Are you kidding me?

Mr. Ireland, you have as much a mandate as George W. had after the 2000 national election. Might I remind you that 56 percent of the Aspen voters didn’t vote for you. You squeaked by a margin of 133 votes; that’s hardly a mandate.

Your pontification that you have a mandate from the voters is like me telling my plumber I have leak and I expect him at my house in five minutes (yeah sure, that’s going to happen). Maybe Mayor Mick, it is time to play nice with your constituents and build bridges with the new members of the City Council.

Possibly, you might consider listening to voters and stop trying to ramrod projects, like the Aspen Art Museum, down our collective throats. Maybe, just maybe, you don’t know what is good for Aspen. Mr. Mayor, your mandate is as good as me telling my wife that I’m the boss and she better just deal with it. Ha! Like she’ll buy that.

James H. Perry


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