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What karma really is

Dear Editor:Jack Steele warns us that karmic retribution is coming to us because of our “heinous crimes” (Letters to the editor, Nov. 18). You make it sound like all the world’s poverty and problems would disappear if America disappeared. Wrong is not a strong enough word. If an American city is nuked with the loss of millions of American lives, he sets up “we deserved it.” Jack, you ain’t seen karma yet, if that ever happens. North Korea and Iran may develop 25 to 30 fission nuclear weapons; we have 25,000 hydrogen bombs. A single atomic submarine carries 320 MIRV’d warheads. I think these fanatics and dictatorial tyrants need to keep that in mind.How can you defend people who not only savage and kill millions of their own people, then try to spread their brutal form of “civilization” by invading, intimidating or threatening their neighbors? Where we didn’t intervene, let’s hear it for genocide and religious killing by the millions in Rwanda, Darfur and Cambodia.There certainly is karma. That is what is being so richly visited in the Middle East in a very measured way, right now, for a long string of provocations, culminating in the destruction of the World Trade Center and the deaths of 3,000 Americans and others. I support a massive nuclear response against Iran, North Korea and any nation supporting them if they ever use, or allow the use of, a nuclear weapon against anyone. That’s real karmic retribution!!President Bush is trying his best to avoid this nightmare scenario for their sake as well as ours. I wish him every success.Mike MasonCedaredge

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