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What is wrong with development?

(This letter was originally addressed to Tom Kwiatkowski.)Dear Editor:What is wrong with development (Aspen Times letters, April 27)? Tom, if you go for a walk about 7:30 in the morning any given day, stand there and listen. Notice the rumble and dust from cars pouring into town from downvalley then at about a quarter to 8 you hear the firing of diesel engines and the dust and exhaust from the tractors, and the banging and firing of nail guns. The constant black exhaust bellowing from idling dump trucks is tainting the air. The existing beast is huge enough, and it chokes and strains our pristine town until about 10:30 a.m. and then continuously defiles it for the rest of the day.Some development is good, certainly, but it is out of control, and the quality of life in our neighborhoods is tainted by noise pollution: exhaust and screaming and banging Latino foremen and white trash laborers in the short term, and then unsightly monuments of greed forever.It will desaturate the market to slow the “progress” a little. Greedy shortsighted little men like yourself will just have to go defile Crested Butte or wait. People that actually have to live here need to decide what is best for our beautiful little town and how we can defend our quality of life from exploiters like you. In some ways Lift One was better than the Silver Queen in that you actually were immersed in the natural surroundings and touched by the elements instead of being hurried to the top of the mountain like a gerbil shot through a bank tube. Slow down, guy, you’re going nowhere. P.S. Did you know that your name rhymes with “koyaanisqatsi,” a word that translates literally to “life out of balance”? A documentary exists that might enlighten you by the same name explores the irreversible destruction of the natural world and the permanent imbalance that is your evil development. William NobauerAspen

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