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What is Aspen thinking?

Dear Editor:

No matter where I travel, there are environmentalists – and believe me, “mentalist” should be removed from the word, since most of what is spouted is idiotic.

The anti-hydro crowd wants to stop all forms of energy that are not green to them. There are no concerns that energy is needed to survive. Solar, wind, et al. is not the solution. Then the crowd uses the ruse that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission may never approve an application for the plant. Next, of course, is the “man-made climate change” decried by Mr. Hauenstein. This is the battle cry for all environmentalists.

I’ll bet he drives a Prius or a Subaru. None of this anti-energy crowd ever considers the energy needs for the development of the community. Without consistent energy, the community declines. Is that what the crowd wants for Aspen? Fewer people, fewer businesses, fewer tourists and fewer services due to lost revenue?

What the crowd wants is to emotionally feel they are green no matter the consequences. The war that has been started by the environmentalists against business and development has to be fought by the opposition. We conservatives must go to war against the environmentalists and win for this country.

Dan Del Campo

Lake Nacimiento, Calif.

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