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What illegal means

Dear Editor:It’s dictionary time, and today we are going to do two words that everyone seems to have a misconception on. “Illegal” is the first! Meaning of the word is as follows: prohibited by law; against the law; unlawful; illicit; also not authorized or sanctioned, as by rules. “Legal,” on the other side and I’ll make that a short, sweet definition: in conformity with the positive rules of law, permitted by law, or authorized by law. So now I ask what part don’t we understand?There is a large amount of misinformation on illegal immigration in the press today, also by our so-called geniuses in Congress that just love to put themselves in high regards, and call us the ordinary citizens. The Kennedys, the McCains, the Frists, the Clintons, all of them should go, they have no respect for the voters who put them there and if the truth of their agenda ever comes to light, you will see that most belong to the Council on Foreign Relations; and please don’t tell me that that organization is just a think tank, stupid I’m not. It seems that all these common public servants have one agenda and only one: take away the sovereignty of the United States and make the Americas like the European Union. Anyone that has ties to the CFR does not belong in Congress or the presidential seat.Our government does not want to do anything about the illegal immigration problem or secure our boarders because they are too lazy, and if the truth be known, could care less. They are more interested in the taxpayers’ money and how to spend that before it even comes in, and then claim it’s not enough so they’ll raise it to where you can give them your whole paycheck, and maybe they will give you an allowance. I have a question: Why do we have to take in the illegal immigrants, when we as taxpayers send money to Fox and the rest of the southern Americas? Why can’t these people who come over here stay there and change their country from within, rise up and make their so-called government officials stand accountable, just as we should do ours? I’m tired of having our elected servants claim they have made a pledge to protect our nation and stand on our Constitution, then out of the other side of their mouth condemn us to their hidden agenda.My dad would tell me, the more you hear a lie the more you will be willing to accept it as truth. That is what our elected servants are telling us when it comes to the illegal immigration problem. Please go back willingly and change your nation into a nation you should have. Don’t come here and expect us to give, give and give, because I have heard some of you out there when I’m at work call us stupid and naive. Let me assure you we Americans are a compassionate bunch, but all that is wearing thin.My grandfather came here with paperwork in hand and did it through legal channels, and I am an American – born and raised! Ida Marie KingCarbondale

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