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Could an in-town “Huckleberry Finn” pool and an extension to the skateboard park happen in the Rio Grande Park where the recycling center is currently located?

Could Bleeker Street be widened for safer passage of automobiles?

Could Rio Grande Place be turned into a pedestrian and cyclist pathway connecting the Aspen Art Museum, Clark’s Market, Theatre in the Park, Rio Grande Field, the skateboard park with the east side of town so that residents and tourists can loop safely from City Market to the post office?

Could there be a “straight shot” from the Aspen Skiing Co.’s gondola past Boogie’s and St. Mary’s Church to the Rio Grande Park?

Come to the workshop for more “what ifs” on July 9 at 4 p.m. when the Obermeyer redevelopment team meets with the Aspen City Council to discuss the exciting evolving plans for the infill project located between Rio Grande Place and Bleeker Street.

The big question: Does the project really need to go up five or six stories to accomplish the goals of the infill project, or would it be better to keep the height of the building to three or four stories while still meeting the goals of the infill project AND protecting the stellar view of Independence Pass from Clark’s Market and the playing field at Rio Grande Park?

Toni Kronberg


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