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What happened?

Can it be as big a mess as it seems?

It is difficult to imagine that any one in America these days does not at least have a sense that we as a country are going in the wrong direction. And I do not mean singularly Bush’s war, terrorism or Al Qaeda. I mean the general State of America, at present, is an outrageous mess.

We have bounced back before and probably will again. The question, though, is going to be how high and difficult the required bounce.

It almost seems surreal doesn’t it? A few years ago, only three, the economy was booming, dot coms were dotting, the NASDAQ was soaring and the Dow was climbing. There were relatively few world problems. Israel and Palestine were still trying for peace, Arafat had called off the suicide bombings and Sharon had not yet walked the Temple mount with a force of soldiers.

Why – those few years ago, fear was not a factor, confidence was high, budgets were balanced, surpluses were climbing, and people were speaking of the Global Economy and the United States leading the world to a new post cold war age of prosperity beneath the Golden Arches.

You may ask, how, why, what happened? How did we manage to get, so rapidly, from there to here? It is much more complicated then the convenient excuse of 9-11.

Well, first we had been riding too high and were scheduled for an inevitable leveling, but there is a difference between a leveling and a plunge, and we seem to have gone precipitously off the cliff on almost every front. While it is not completely George Bush’s fault, he has done us little good.

He has through his bellicose cowboy rhetoric, and his you’re either with us or against us attitudes of manner and speech caused most of the world to dislike us more than anytime in possible recent memory. He and his band of, “merry men” have used 9-11 to take a sledgehammer to our freedoms.

Through concepts of Voodoo economics, as his father once called them, he has ridden the trickle down theory upward to such absurd heights that if anything ever does trickle down to Joe Normal he will have no lips or mouth left to grab those meager drops.

Yes, how did he do it? Positive balances, positive spirits, a world that we were supposed to lead to a better place, turned into a world that every day hates us more, a world of deficits forever, a world of constant war. And this proclaimed with fear mongering, “It will be a long war, a war for our very soul, a war for freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom. A war forever.”

One thinks of the stolen freedoms, the constant wars, and big brother of George Orwell’s novel “1984,” and the Wreeks and Wrecks, and the society of the rich and the hopeless (meant somewhat tongue in cheek, but now sadly real) in Kurt Vonnegut’s “Player Piano.”

How did we get to this in only three short years? We did so by neo-conservative agendas merging as one via the convenient opportunity of 9-11. “9-11,” over and over we hear it. “Since 9-11.” “The world is different. 9-11.” And it is, and the greatest difference is the manipulation of our country by these neo-conservatives who have taken power and used the event of the two towers as their excuse to remake America.

So what do we have? One agenda is based on Israel’s desire to be safe, which means dominant in the Middle East, and this agenda of course requires, according to the Sharon-Bush-Perle-Wolfowitz-Rumsfeld-Rice-Cheney, Evangelical Christian’s view of things, a war.

First a war to rid the world of the supposed Greatest Devil Demon of the last 50 years, Saddam, and then a war to create a bunch of meager declawed Utopian democracies throughout the Middle East. Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, etc. all at the mercy of the United States and our great ally Israel, who shall by means of our support and their weapons of mass destruction control the whole region.

But remember everything will be Democratic. Now who could believe that a Democratic region made up of a group of Arab democracies would not as its first act attempt to act Israel out of existence? So the Utopia will be brief if this agenda triumphs.

Clearly then this must be only the smoke screen to cover up the real agenda of “1984” and “Player Piano.” A United States at war, an Israel ruling by force, and our American society ever more stratified on into the future until someday the ball tries to bounce upward once again.

J. M. Heininger


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