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What happened to the Quiet Years?

Dear Editor:The police cannot be everywhere at the same time, so I am requesting a citywide effort to reduce noise violations and to encourage the police force to enforce the law.If all motorcycle owners obeyed the law, I wouldn’t be writing this letter, but the situation is out of control and needs to be corrected. Durant Avenue has become a speedway for loud motorcycles on evenings and weekends, which violate the city noise ordinance decibel levels, disturb the peace, and ruin our quality of life.Some Harley owners are known to remove the “baffle” in their muffler to maximize noise – a clear violation of Aspen law. The rights of loud motorcycles do NOT take precedence over residents and visitors disturbed by this unnecessary pollution. There’s a law in place to be obeyed for the benefit of the whole.Some signs in the West End don’t even allow “through traffic.” We didn’t come to the top of the mountain to hear loud engine noise. It’s bad enough to listen to an ever-increasing number of buses, delivery trucks, and construction trucks … the illegal loud motorcycle noise must go!Please join the effort to reduce unnecessary noise in Aspen. The police cannot possibly locate and ticket every loud motorcycle, but we can assist. If you observe loud motorcycles violating the law, please report their license plate number to the police (920-5400) whom we hope will support its citizens in an effort to return Aspen to the quieter years! Thank you.Susan O’NealAspen