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What goes around …

Dear Editor:

The city and other taxing entities are due for a major windfall in their revenues because of the increasing values of local real estate. Real estate taxes could rise by as much as 45 percent.

The city gets further into your life with Ordinance 48, the latest attempt at “historic” preservation. If your property is designated, and you wish to be removed from the list, you will be required to show five years of financial records, statements, tax records, property improvements, financial statements, etc. to a “hearing officer” in an appeal process. Who are these “officers,” what are their qualifications, (can they read financial statements?), what are their directions, and to whom do they report?

These two issues remind me of my favorite bumper sticker, “If you are not p—–d off, you are not paying attention.” Remember these issues when the next city election rolls around, and you are asked for your vote ” as well as the next fundraising efforts by these other entities when they ask for your money.

Cecil Hernandez


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