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What gives, editors?

Friday’s edition of The Aspen Times had it right there in full color. The main cover story was about the coming recital by pianist Jonathan Biss. The Aspen Daily News had an even bigger picture and the accompanying article was the only story on page three (second best position in the paper). Meanwhile, on March 1, the Aspen Community Church presented a recital by French organist Christophe Mantoux, the titular organist at St. Severin, Paris.

This world-class artist was on a U.S. tour and the church was lucky to get him. I sent photos and press releases to both daily newspapers. I followed it up with a phone call to your arts editors. We got nothing! Nada! We ran paid advertisements in both papers. They weren’t all that big, but we couldn’t afford it. After all, a name artist commands a good performance fee.

Forty-four people showed up and if it hadn’t been for some generous-beyond-measure audience members, we would have lost our shirts. What gives? Why are you so selective, lavishing publicity on one artist while completely ignoring another. This is unfair, unbecoming and unworthy of a newspaper committed to our community.

Jon Busch/Aspen