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What ever happened to a rake and trash bag?

Dear Editor:Please help me see the logic to using gas-powered air blowers in the city limits as a landscaping tool, as I do not understand why there is even a serious debate about this. I understand the quick aesthetic satisfaction that must come from blowing grass, leaves, dust and cigarette butts from ones path when holding one of these exhaust-breathing, whining, noisy, air-polluting devices, but what does this do for air quality and solitude? To me it seems the height of stupidity to use airborne means to transport these unwanted materials in a town where air-quality issues are so important. The two places where this “blown” material is transported to using these devices is either into the air, where it denigrates our air quality, or upon a neighboring property until the neighbor or an employee of the neighbor blows it all back. Whatever happened to a rake and trash bag or compost pile?To justify continued use of these devices, it has been argued that widespread ownership of these devices is a good reason to keep allowing this practice. Is this argument really happening here in Aspen, home of global solutions and futuristic debate about what makes a better world?Mark KwiecienskiBasalt

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