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What do you have to say, Skico?

Your editorial concerning the diffidence on the part of the leadership of the Aspen Skiing Co. in dealing with the significant increase in deaths identifies a kind of arrogance beyond my comprehension.

The Aspen Skiing Co. must not stand behind closed doors and force the media to take responsibility in reporting a most serious condition. People come here to enjoy the wonders of this beautiful environment, not to take a loved one home in a box.

A 5-year-old from Miami in a sanctioned environment controlled by an instructor should have enjoyed at least the opportunity to wear a helmet.

A 60-year-old boarding the gondola, expecting a wonderful day on the mountain, suffers heart pains before leaving the gondola building. The man in extremis took a 40-minute ride and died on his way to the hospital. There was time to stop the gondola before leaving the building and maybe save his life.

It is not the responsibility of The Aspen Times to bring the Skico to a sense of reality: Mr. O’Donnell, come out of your office and speak to all of us.

Thomas J. Klutznick

Woody Creek

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