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What do those numbers mean?

Once again, and a year later, Toni Kronberg is using my name in the paper, since I questioned where she got the numbers 25,000 swimmers and 1,000 skaters from.

She keeps telling me that she got the figures from the recreation department, but will not tell me or anybody else what those figures represent. And now she wants me to visit the site, as somehow this is going to explain these numbers.

Toni, I don’t care if I see a blow-up kiddie pool next to the Pepsi Center when I get there. It does not tell me what your numbers represent.

And guess what? I called the recreation department, and they don’t know where those numbers came from, or what they represent.

And looking at the total population in the entire valley, where are these 25,000 swimmers coming from? Are they driving up from Denver? And are you comparing apples to apples? Do the numbers, wherever the heck they come from, represent the same thing on both sides?

Also, it has come to my attention, that the skaters wanted an Olympic-sized sheet of ice at the rink, but there just wasn’t the money or space for it. Why aren’t the skaters showing up at every council meeting whining about the new rink?

Toni, feel free to use my name in your next letter, even if it takes another year, but you had better come up with answers to my questions, which you have yet to do. Maybe the reason nobody is listening is because your figures don’t make sense, and somehow you can’t make them make sense.

Sheldon Fingerman


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