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What comes around …

Dear Editor:Oh dear, looks like I’ve started a little controversy regarding the proper way to travel the roundabout! When I wrote my letter in for the June 10 paper, my point was about the reasoning behind the City Council’s decision to move forward with changing the route of inbound Cemetery Lane traffic and forcing vehicles through the already-congested roundabout. The roundabout is not being used the way it was intended. Tim Lankins was quick to criticize both myself and Commissioner Shellie Roy, who came to my defense to point out that I was correct in describing the right way to use the roundabout. Whether or not it is “legal” is not the point, Tim. More signage is not the answer, either. In my opinion, common courtesy and respect for others is the solution. By the way, Tim, I don’t like being called a sheep! Your attitude, and feeling justified to use the outer lane to sneak around traffic and block those trying to enter from Maroon Creek and Castle Creek roads, is part of the problem. It is both correct and courteous to use the roundabout’s outer lane to exit, the inner lane is for continuous travel – confirmed by the Aspen Police Department. Let me make it crystal clear: If you come into Aspen from downvalley, merge left and enter the roundabout from the left lane, then exit toward Aspen. If you are going to Maroon Creek or Castle Creek Road, merge right and exit the roundabout shortly afterward. While I’m taking the bus or carpooling from my downvalley residence, I’ll be looking for you, Tim, and those like you who, as Shellie Roy put it, “are overly self-focused.” Remember, what comes around goes around and you reap what you sow.Wendy WarmSnowmass– see Letters on page A12– continued from page A11

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