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What Carbondale needs …

I was somewhat dismayed to find a leaflet advertising a new group calling itself “Carbondale Focus.” I’m always leery of groups whose interest is to broaden my understanding and who claim to have no agenda of their own.

The leaflet I received makes the boldfaced points that the group is neither supporting any candidates nor supporting or opposing any ballot issue. However, a quick glance at the people involved in the group makes it hard to believe that they don’t support the Marketplace, or a Marketplace look-alike.

On the Web site, they report that they have been meeting for months. All of the members in the group whose names I recognized were avid supporters of the Marketplace. If the group is really the open-minded, issue-neutral group it purports to be, why weren’t the meetings better advertised so as to draw a more diverse group of people?

To be fair, these folks probably really believe that the town of Carbondale is on the edge of financial ruin and that the only solution is one that tries to make Carbondale a shopping wonderland. However, such a narrow focus is the direct reflection of the perspectives of the members involved. Carbondale can’t afford a boondoggle and shouldn’t apply a cookie-cutter approach (New mall! Come shop!). We need a plan for the future that is sustainable. Such a plan won’t require competition with the overwhelming commercial outlets available in nearby towns but rather will draw upon Carbondale’s unique characteristics.

Marc Bruell


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