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What are we, stupid?

Dear Editor:

In your editorial of Dec. 12, (“Lift One’s fate belongs in City Council’s hands”) you write, “We cannot fathom this project going to Aspen voters; it is simply too complex and involves many personalities to be passed unto the citizenry.” I am curious, “What do you think Aspen voters are, STUPID?”

Too complex? Too many personalities for this project to be passed unto the citizenry for a vote? I don’t think so. Aspen voters are not stupid and can make intelligent informed decisions when given the facts. This Lift 1A decision should have nothing to do with personalities … the vote should be on the facts of the project.

Facts such as: 1,200-plus new car trips daily on Aspen Street almost all headed through the Entrance to Aspen S-curves to get to where they are going as Independence Pass is closed for the winter. The task force concluded they did not have to address their transportation impacts on town!

Fact: 1,200 cars is not green as in environment or yellow as in Canary Initiative but brown, as in pollution and congestion.

Fact: Aspen is a ski town which depends on snow. Pollutants from cars increase global rewarming. Aspen’s frost-free days has increased by 20 days per year in the last 25 years and snow has decreased by 18 percent.

Fact: New employees generated: 224; first punch of the day skiers: 300-400; pillow count: 474 overnight guests; commercial parking garage: 500 spaces; service vehicles: ?; historical museum: ?; new lottery ski lockers: 300.

Fact: Platter surface lift will close down for skiers/snowboarders at 12:30 p.m. daily for safety concerns. The corridor is not wide enough for uphill transport and downhill skiing.

Let’s get the facts out there. Lift 1A is not a complex issue for voters to understand. The question is simple … should the current proposal for Lift 1A be approved or denied?

Toni Kronberg


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