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What are they thinking?

I was reading with some intrigue the Aspen Chamber Resort Association’s guidelines for today’s Old-Fashioned Parade, printed in both our dailies.

It reads that the city of Aspen will enforce its noise pollution ordinance, whilst the very next sentence declares that there will be a six-hour grace period to allow [Harley] riders to enjoy the parade – Duh!

What are they thinking here? That these Hells Realtors will open up their tool boxes outside Mezzaluna in the morning, remove the silencers, then replace them to prehistoric motorcycles after the parade?

I don’t think so. Most of our Rolex Riders barely remember to put their feet down at a red light. I suspect that if the Aspen Police Department were to issue tickets for this obnoxious habit of deafening Harleys, DeVilbiss would have a full docket right through until his retirement.

While we’re at it, as great as the free concert on Fanny Hill was last Thursday, why the fence 50 yards from the stage to stop people dancing on the new sod? Have they noticed the two-lane highway through the venue this summer, so that vehicular traffic is kept off Snowmelt Road, whilst it is replaced?

Can’t the powers that be realize that it is more than a coincidence that over the last decade or so there has been a proliferation of heated driveways and a corresponding decline in snowfall?

Remember those winters in the ’80s when we did occasionally get our cars stuck in deep snow?

Bring down the fence or risk crowd rioting in Snowmass, the like of which we have never seen before.

Manuel Gonzalez

Up the Roaring Fork

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