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What are they afraid of?

Dear Editor:It never ceases to amaze me what a double standard the conservatives/Republicans have when it comes to exercising the right to free speech.It was OK for them to trash President Clinton daily, but not for us to voice our opinions on Reagan’s performance (or Bush’s). I wonder why it was worse to lie about sex than to lie about the reasons for going to war.I lived in California when Gov. Reagan ordered the National Guard to “shoot the traitors,” who were Berkeley students protesting the war in Vietnam. I was then married to a decorated Marine fighter pilot who returned from Vietnam determined that his children would never fight in such a disastrous war. My generation was appalled at Reagan’s foolhardy actions. I found nothing in his tenure as governor or as president to change my mind.Since others have enumerated Reagan’s many failures, I won’t repeat the list. Obviously, revisionist history is being preached by those who would silence my voice. That won’t work. I am not ashamed and I have not changed my opinion. What I feel for Reagan and Bush isn’t hate, by the way.We are in deep and serious doo-doo in Iraq. President Gush has forced us into turning much of the world against us, which we did not need to do (much like Reagan’s foolhardy actions). You can expect me to respect the office of the presidency, but you cannot force me to respect either man.Tony Hershey, Doug Myers and Russ Stephens, self-important critics, would have those opposed to their beliefs silenced. What does that say about those critics? Just what are they afraid of?Valerie HarrimanCarbondale

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