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What about us?

I am delighted that Snowmass Village Town Councilman Arnie Mordkin has scheduled a series of meetings in the next two weeks soliciting community opinion concerning issues pending before the Town Council.

I would strongly recommend that all the other Town Council members join Mr. Mordkin in these meetings so that the entire Town Council becomes privy to these opinions.

I was, however, very surprised and disturbed by Mr. Mordkin’s statement in his guest opinion in last week’s edition of the Snowmass Village Sun, in which he stated (I will paraphrase) that while the opinions of second-home owners are important, he is especially interested in the opinions of those who live and vote in Snowmass.

He then goes on to state that they are, after all, the people he represents and that he cannot represent them properly if he doesn’t know how they feel about an issue.

As one of many second-home owners who spend a great deal of time in Snowmass throughout the year, and who actively participates in the dialogue regarding issues pending before the Town Council, I was shocked and upset to learn that Mr. Mordkin does not also represent our interests.

As second-home owners, we are precluded from holding local office, appointment to many key community boards and voting in local elections for candidates and issues, and therefore if Mr. Mordkin represents the prevailing view of the Town Council, we have no representation in the affairs of the community.

This is obviously a very unfair position if he is correct regarding the Town Council’s representational responsibilities, inasmuch as second-home owners provide a very substantial portion, if not the majority, of the economic support for this community.

If, in fact, Mr. Mordkin’s position is the prevailing view of the other Town Council members, it is imperative that we second-home owners immediately rise up and demand representation on the Town Council and all other village boards and advisory committees commensurate with the amount of support we provide.

Mel D. Blumenthal, president

Enclave Homeowners Association

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