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What about the rest of us?

Dear Editor:Oops! Looks like Steve Barwick and the former City Council has made a HUGE mistake by violating the state’s open meeting law and making a contract with Phil Overeynder allowing him free housing for life to stay in Aspen (“City Council breaks law with housing exception,” June 16). That’s OK. We all make mistakes. The important thing is to fix the mistake and move on.Moving on is what Steve Barwick should have let Phil Overeynder do. I find it hard to believe that a person making $110,000 (not including yearly bonuses – and top city employees get really nice bonuses), paying only $1,540 per month for rent would have a hard time saving a nest egg to buy a place to live for life in the Roaring Fork Valley. If Phil couldn’t figure that out, I’m not sure I would want him in charge of my yearly budget.By setting this precedent for Phil, is the city staff setting themselves up for their retirement? What kind of offers will police officers get for 15 years of literally putting their lives on the line for Aspen?There are a lot of us out there that wonder what we are going to do when we get to retirement age. What is the city of Aspen going to do for the rest of us?A judgment error has been made by Steve Barwick and the City Council. I hope they have the guts to admit it and fix it.Kim VieiraAspen

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