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What about population control?

Dear Editor:Good review on billionaire George Soros and his talk at the Aspen Institute (“Philanthropist urges political change, Aug. 5”). I’m sorry I missed his discussion. But once again I feel our world leaders and this business leader are missing the boat – the most important boat to ensure the survival of our world.He lists global warming, nuclear weapons and the energy crisis as the most important concerns of today’s world. When are our leaders going to recognize overpopulation as the most important threat to a stable world economy? Addressing these other threats, or any other issues like conservation, health care, over development … etc., will all be squashed under the burden of overpopulation.When will our leaders begin to recognize the importance of more proactive family planning on a worldwide scale before we are all forced to face a dramatic reduction in quality of life? Fortunate for us baby boomers, it is our children who will have to face this crisis.Lori RussellEagle