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What about bowling?

Dear Editor:

In response to Bob Ryan’s flattering, infatuated, fawning man-crush on Tiger Woods, I will respectfully start by saying, “Golf is an activity” (“In sport, Tiger stands alone,” Aug. 14).

I won’t say it’s not a sport, because there are millions of people out there who think it’s the hardest thing to do. It is fiendishly difficult to tap a little white ball in the right direction with the properly chosen little metal club. Men and women have devoted their lives to this fascinating pursuit, and spent millions of dollars on clubs and carts and greens fees and lessons and balls and collared shirts and spiked shoes and loose fitting pants just for the opportunity to hit a little white ball in a small hole on a grassy knoll.

I used to say golf was not much of a sport, or even an athletic event at all, but people like Bob Ryan have changed my mind. I now place it one rung above shuffleboard and two rungs above lawn darts ” unless you use a cart.

As far as considering Tiger Woods as the greatest American athlete of all time, I would hope that, in the future, Bob would refrain a bit and limit his comments to golfers. Golfers and others might agree that he deserves to be called the greatest American golfer.

But until Tiger Woods breaks the course record at the Leadville 100 Trail Race, wins the World Adventure Racing Championships, or surpasses the record for the most wins at the Tour de France, I’m going to reserve my vote for athletes who are competing against other athletes who actually look like they could win a physical-fitness contest against a local class of middle schoolers in the track club.

Bernie Boettcher



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