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What about auto pollution?

Dear Editor:

The story in the Sept. 16 Aspen Times outlines the City Council’s new plan to make Aspen “carbon neutral” by enacting new building codes (to add to our already excessive regulations) that will require builders of new buildings to improve their energy efficiency and become more carbon-neutral.

It seems to this writer that the city is the biggest culprit in polluting our air by continuing to ignore the Entrance to Aspen issue. What is the carbon output of hundreds of vehicles lined up from the airport to Main Street attempting to get into town in the morning and to return home in the afternoon? What is the carbon output from diesel cars and trucks spewing obnoxious black smoke from their exhaust stacks every day?

Although the goal of attempting to reduce carbon emissions is admirable, it should apply to all entities, including the city and county, with the worst offenders being dealt with first. I believe the lack of an efficient Entrance to Aspen is by far the worst offender.

The new bridge over Maroon Creek may end up being a joke as far as improving traffic flow. Although there is an exclusive bus lane (stopping at the roundabout) before buses must join the single-lane lineup into or out of town, there is still only one lane in each direction for all the other hundreds of other vehicles. The bus lanes will not even be available for cars when there are no busses using it.

I hope the council will finally be realistic about the entrance problem and look at the potential solutions and take action to implement a new bridge over Castle Creek and extend the road through the Marolt property. Even a new two-lane bridge into town for upvalley traffic and the existing S-curves converted to two lanes downvalley would be a great improvement. Please, please do the right thing, finally!

Gary Goldstein


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