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What a waste

Dear Editor:I have procrastinated to the point that this letter may be in vain. I meant to send it a while ago, and I couldn’t figure out to whom it should be sent. Still, after reading about “Heroes” in People (yes, I admit, it is one of my character defects that I haven’t been able to shake), I need to point out how easy it would be for all of us to “make a difference” on a regular basis.Think about conspicuous consumption and waste. Then, take one step or two to be part of the solution. Walk. Carry flatware in your pocket so you don’t need to use disposable forks and spoons at lunch every day. Perhaps adopt one new habit a month to help save the planet from our embarrassing, blatant, self-absorbed need for convenience over common sense and value.There was a photograph in one of the newspapers about ten days ago of a gargantuan pile of discarded snowboard boots in a heap at the dump. The picture made me sick to my stomach. Between wars and earthquakes, there are thousands of people who are suffering in bare feet in freezing conditions. Surely this community, which can thoughtlessly toss out hundreds of pairs of useful footware, can figure out a way to get them shipped to those who need them, instead of letting them rot and take up room in our dump? I pledge 10 bucks toward shipping – anyone willing to make it happen?Georgia HansonAspen

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