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What a waste

Dear Editor:

Well, here we go again. The Aspen City Council has decided to appeal the ballot ruling. This is predictable and comical. What has become Aspen’s ultimate urination contest (this is a family newspaper) is back and swinging.

Mayor Mick and city attorney John Worcester have persuaded the council members to use the taxpayers’ money to appeal this ruling, either to get back at Marilyn Marks or to hide what could be an embarrassing and/or possibly a sinister situation.

The city could just walk away from the Colorado Court of Appeals decision, let Marks get her peak and be done with all this (that is of course if she doesn’t find something). I believe the city is hiding something. Why make this appeal? Is the city guilty of wrongdoing, or have they maybe destroyed the ballots?

The city has expended tax dollars in the original appeal and had to pay Marks’ attorney fees due to their loss. Now they are going to spend more tax dollars, and if they lose this round or the Colorado Supreme Court decides not to hear the case, the city will be out that money and will most likely have to pay Marks’ attorney fees again. Both sides have to spend money on attorneys regardless of the Supreme Court hearing the case or not.

Mayor Mick and the city believe that our tax dollars are their personal slush fund, and this scenario is yet another example of their waste. It is time to wake up and stop this ridiculous expenditure. Let’s try to spend our tax dollars on responsible projects and not wasteful boondoggles like frivolous lawsuits.

James H. Perry


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