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What a waste

Dear Editor:

The Aspen City Council has voted to waste $12,000 to seek the opinions of 1,400 registered voters in Aspen about the decades old “Entrance to Aspen” issue. Over the past 40-plus years it should have become abundantly clear that the citizens of the city of Aspen are unable to solve this problem.

Perhaps a survey of the parents of students in the Aspen School District, residents of Meadowood, the ABC, Woody Creek, Snowmass Village and Pitkin County might give a better view of the problem and what solutions might be acceptable.

Surveying individuals who do not need to use the entrance on a regular basis is a farce. A better use of the funds would be to have the City Council stand on Main Street and Highway 82, handing out dollar bills to everyone in the regular traffic jams to compensate those people for the city’s inability to solve a problem largely affecting the people who work and shop in town and have no vote over the biggest headache of their day.

On Election Day, the residents of Pitkin County should elect a commissioner that will represent all the people who fuel the economic engine of Aspen, not just the residents of the city of Aspen. Perhaps it is time for the county or state to step in and force a solution to this problem that the city of Aspen is unable to cure.

Jim Dowley

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