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What a show

Dear Editor:On our yearly autumn drive to Aspen over Independence Pass from Breckenridge, our senses were more than satisfied this time as not only were the aspens in perfect color change, but there was a certain vibe coming from the Wheeler Opera House that day that did more than just glimmer, shimmer and emit color. It rocked, rolled, tantalized our senses and emitted a true sense of culture that you know exists in every town but usually cannot find so easily … not to mention choreographed to boot! “Mélange,” new vaudeville review, produced by the Hudson Reed Ensemble, was an energetic, live-wire, dynamic show of various ethnic backgrounds and worth every cent of the $20 ticket. My family and I drove over for an afternoon of Aspen color and were more than delighted to say our experience that afternoon at the Wheeler Opera House was some kind of surprise. Way to go, Aspen!!! That Kent Hudson Reed put on quite a show! Erin McGinnisBreckenridge

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