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What a nasty chemical does

Dear Editor:Regarding the July 10 article entitled “RFTA scrambles to save buses from mag chloride:” As a former resident of Aspen from 1987-1990 and again from 1994-1999 (I used to manage the old Christmas Inn among other things), I was shocked to read in your article the unsupported statement that “On the other hand, reduced use of sand and gravel creates better air quality.” Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I dispute your statement vigorously and request that The Aspen Times either a) print a front page retraction of that statement, or b) provide some research or evidence to support it, as evidence indicates otherwise. In fact, mag chloride contributes to unacceptable levels of arsenic and cadmium in the air (visit http://psa-rising.com/upfront/sgreenwoodcad82003.shtm or http://www.csindy.com/csindy/2004-02-19/news.html.Now I knew it even at the time, but at this point I am more convinced than ever that this nasty chemical, magnesium chloride, is what caused me to experience a severe bronchial condition for 18 months back in 1999 that no doctor could diagnose or treat, the cause of my cancer scare in 2001 when unexplained red painful semi-malignant bumps appeared on my skin that looked suspiciously like lymphoma (according to DNA recombination tests), and the cause of, or at least a factor, in what has been since my illness in the late ’90s, a much lower level of physical energy for me than I experienced before that mysterious ailment that no doctor was able to diagnose, and that I was able to treat only via moving to San Diego (warm climate), and an extended three-month period of fasting, resting and juicing heavily with organic foods.Mag chloride has now been banned in many towns in Colorado, but in others they are actually trying to introduce it, which I find disturbing. They were spraying this stuff generously all over the road when I was managing a motel/B&B on Main Street in Aspen, and it was being kicked up into the air, and I am sure I breathed in plenty of it. I used to park my white truck out front, and within 10 minutes of the trucks that came by and sprayed this stuff, the truck would be nearly completely black!To put it mildly I was not real happy to hear that this is another case of people trying to save a few bucks and exposing the general public to an untested toxic chemical, and even less happy to see that this nonsense is continuing! The cost savings are not worth the effects on the health of adults, children, and animals and trees which die by the roadside mysteriously when this stuff is sprayed. (The manufacturers say there is no connection, just like the manufacturers of cigarettes said for many years that there was no connection between their product and cancer!)Dave SchlesingerEncinitas, Calif.

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