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We’ve only just begun

Dear Editor:

Taking Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson’s counsel to heart: “If you see something, say something.”

To be fair to the architect of this community black eye, I admire Shigeru Ban’s humanitarian efforts as well as the art of Mika Tajima. Nevertheless, there was nothing humane about the way that the elites rammed the controversial new Aspen Art Museum down the throat of our wonderful community.

As far as Heidi’s characterization of the recent acts of civil disobedience at the future site, let me offer another description: hilarious. Perhaps the museum should review situationist art theory, the Frankfurt School, CoBrA and Theodore Adorno.

Whichever local artists are responsible for these “cowardly acts,” you guys are making many of us ROFL. The art museum suggests we call the police on you. Instead, I say: Bring it. More fun – after all, we must be true to our history.

Occupy Aspen at Little Annie’s and the future museum site? Saturday, say 7 p.m.? And I’ll continue your comedy at Art Basel in Miami, another playground of the elite 1 percent.

Lee Mulcahy



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