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We’ve got it good

Dear Editor:I want to foremost say I am fully aware of the incident regarding Police Chief Loren Ryerson and Sheriff Bob Braudis. I have known both men since childhood, and I respect them equally. I also know the difference between law and idealism, and I know as a culture, we have yet to attain the latter, so here goes …I read the editorial, “APD crossed the line” in the Aspen Daily News with a lot of amusement. Especially the line about our police force being “hell bent on overzealous policing (rather) than adhering to the age-old mantra ‘to serve and protect.'” This is rhetoric I would expect from a pot-smoking eighth-grader. I will place it into the faction of our citizenry who vow the government is stealing our air.Please don’t get me wrong – I only wish I could have always been the same person I am today. I know the “Aspen lifestyle” as well, if not better than most. I don’t care who is smoking what, and what is up their noses and who put it there. Frankly it is none of my business. But that is my opinion, and unless we are all willing to lobby our state representatives, I don’t think anything will change. Under federal law, like it or not, good or bad, drugs are illegal. That is what it is. Kind of makes you stoners wish you’d picked yourself off the couch and voted. But you didn’t, and that is another story.Here is the story I wish to tell: one of a good, hardworking, honest man. Loren Ryerson, our police chief, has served our community for years. He is not only a damn good cop, but he is a wonderful father, an admirable citizen and a good man. To attack a man for doing his job is absurd, idiocy at its finest. I believe that Mr. Ryerson has served his position perfectly, and I know him to be a just and fair man. Someone who is forgiving and compassionate, way above and beyond the slot your ratty newspapers have set aside for him.It is easy to forget how blessed we are in our little winter wonderland. It is easy to forget how much our lifestyles have afforded us. We forget how the rest of the world lives. Disney World is more of a police state than our little cow town. Overzealous policing? Hmmm … doesn’t sound familiar.Even the threat of racial profiling doesn’t fit the bill. How silly that we apply modern-day innuendo and propaganda to our own oftentimes fictional existence. We all need to thank our lucky stars to be able to live in this privileged utopia.Thank you to our law enforcement: police and sheriff department. Thank you to those of us who know better, and to those who will eventually know better. To those of you who think otherwise, take your bindles and dimebags to any other city in our nation and see where you will spend the night. Aspen’s never sounded so good.Romany IaconoAspen

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