We’re sunsetting our mobile apps on May 1st

As part of our website redesign and relaunch, we are closing down our native mobile apps in favor of a mobile-optimized website.

To experience the mobile verison of our site, after May 1st simply go to your phone’s browser and enter the standard “.com” domain, The site will automatically adjust to your phone’s screen size. No need to search an app store or find the right app for your mobile operating system. Whether it’s Apple or Android, tablet or phone, we have one domain to rule them all!

For quick access to the mobile version of the website, simply save the site to your mobile device’s home screen. Then, like an app, the site will open with a single tap.

For more information on how to save this site to your mobile device’s home screen, consult the following articles or conduct a google search:

After locating and saving the new mobile-optimized site after May 1, you may delete the old app from your device as it will no longer be supported and updated with content.