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We’re not guilty

Dear Editor:I can’t help but respond to Dave Reed’s diatribe, “We’re all responsible” (Letters, Sept. 14).The tragedy in New Orleans was preventable. Amtrak offered trains to evacuate those that do not have cars. Hundreds of municipal and school busses remained idle when, with some responsible action by the mayor’s office they could have been used to get those without cars out of harms way. The every-man-for-himself evacuation of New Orleans did not have to happen if state and local officials were not so corrupt and just plain irresponsible. There was plenty of warning.Then if this isn’t bad enough Dave goes on to another nonsequitur: “It is our greenhouse-gas emissions that are warming the atmosphere and oceans, thus increasing the intensity of hurricanes.” Yes, there has been global warming, but almost all if it has been from a sun that is the hottest it has been in 8,000 years. The last solar cycle shows reduced output, however. As a result the last few years show actual global cooling even though carbon dioxide levels continue to rise with attendant significant positive impact on higher worldwide food and plant production.So Dave, lay your guilt trip on someone else. Before you make inaccurate statements, do a little research. I suggest you start by reading http://www.oism.org/pproject/s33p36.htm.P.S. We should all conserve fuel as revenues fund worldwide terrorism. We do need to be energy-independent for that reason alone. Mike MasonCedaredge

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