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We’re all doomed

Dear Editor:

You may have heard people talking about the trouble we are in as a country and a people. Just how true is this fear, and do we really need to fear?

There is enough information out there along with common sense for everyone to get some idea. Most people who can think know that we are having climate change. Those who ignore the facts about climate change are pretty much squashed, and to some degree this has been accepted as fact.

Perhaps even more serious is the freshwater resource. This vital supply is becoming more and more in demand as it keeps disappearing with these higher demands. Gasoline, plastics and many other items we just can’t seem to do without are going to get more scarce. What makes it so serious is the increased demand and the limited supply.

Not only the United States’ but the world’s population will continue to increase at a more rapid rate, multiplying and fueling the demands for these resources. China’s growing, elevated society has already brought a higher demand for gas and oil on the world market. The demands will increase as societies throughout the world move into modern times.

Terrorism, because of these issues alone, will increase throughout the world – let alone the fanatical terrorism that already exists. The United States has taken a risky course of misguided idealism of fortune and living the so-called American Dream.

A mixture of politics, financial greed and pure stupidity has brought us down a road of questionable survival. The dream became the tool and easy money through credit and more credit to bribe the masses into believing they don’t have to keep up with the Joneses – they are the Joneses.

Furthermore, if they need to make a payment, here is another credit card – use it. That not being enough, the politicians make it easier for financial institutions to encourage homebuyers to purchase more expensive homes with a lower down payment. To encourage this insanity and continue bribing the people into believing they can do anything in America, they too set the example. The government promises and spends, promises and spends.

Remember – just a little common sense, and you will see the bill is coming due! No innocence here, for we are all at fault. We let it happen, perhaps even encouraged it to happen. Now let’s blame somebody!

Jim Childers

New Castle

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