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We’ll take the pow

Allyn Harvey

Party on the Peak, the ultimate walk-up picnic, has been postponed because bad weather is in the forecast.

Party on the Peak is the Aspen Highlands ski patrol’s annual thank you party to all the bowl hounds. They set up a grill on the flats above White Kitchen and grill up burgers for all those willing and able to hike the ridge.

The party has been a hit in past years and will no doubt be a hit again whenever they finally pull it off this year. But it appears Mother Nature is going to interfere this weekend.

The National Weather Service says snow is likely on Saturday. Great for you skiing and snowboarding types, but not so great for high-altitude snackers.

If the choice is between ground beef and fresh pow, On the Hill is for the pow.

Speaking of weather and snow, we’ve lately had a little too much of the former, in the form of hot, sunny days, and not nearly enough of the latter.

The heat wave that settled in for the beginning of the week finally broke yesterday. Temperatures were still well above freezing, but they weren’t approaching the mid-50s as they were on Monday and Tuesday.

One of our Highlands correspondents reported that conditions there yesterday fit perfectly into the classic early spring freeze-thaw cycle ” crunchy in the morning, soft in the afternoon.

On Tuesday, which was nearly as hot as Monday, the warm temps and soft snow allowed our Buttermilk correspondent to reach new heights in the halfpipe. The shady side of the pipe was soft, and the sunny side was even softer. “You could build up the courage to go faster and higher than you’re used to,” she said.

If you’re searching for something different to do on the hill, strap on a pair of alpine touring skis and take an early morning skin up the hill. It’s starting to get light earlier each day, and it’s serene before the lifts crank up. You might even spot a fox or an ermine, if you’re lucky.