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Well-paid naysayers

Dear Editor:

Eco Flight, in conjunction with paid environmental group Colorado Environmental Coalition, led a series of press-related promotional tours under the guise of educational aerial flights of the Piceance Basin.

Their stated mission was to allow “politicians, media, concerned citizens to get a real view of the landscape” and the interplay of energy development and other land uses, but really, this altruistic mission was just a ruse to once again bash on energy, most notably oil shale.

CEC purports not to be against oil shale, but they’ve worked at every step to shut down oil shale development and the research, development and demonstration process. And guess what? They make money doing this. They get paid by shutting down projects that create hundreds of good-paying jobs.

To the chagrin of many Westerners, including Rep. Tipton, the BLM has caved to these paid special-interest groups and is doing yet another study on oil shale – a foolhardy plan since a study was conducted less than two years ago. If CEC really wanted to educate the public, they’d stop using reported energy development opponents like Jim Spehar or Keith Lambert as spokespersons; they’d focus on the facts; they’d focus on best management practices.

But they don’t because it’s a lot easier to make money by stopping any type of development on public lands. I wish for once CEC would just come out and be honest: You don’t like oil shale, and you make money by opposing it. Let’s stop pretending.

Dina Sinclair

Glenwood Springs