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Welcome to the Barrio

Rumor has it that the architectural firm responsible for designing the Truscott development at the golf course will not be available for the Burlingame or Stillwater projects.

This is truly unfortunate, as Truscott is one of the better examples this side of Mexico City of what is commonly referred to as the “Barrio School” of architectural design and, in the interests of continuity, we might wish to stay with it.

Possibly there is an answer.

On a trip to Havana recently we were much impressed with the style of building the government has erected as housing for the Cuban worker. While not pure “Barrio,” it is close. Perhaps we could entice a Cuban architectural firm, along with their expertise, to help us out in Aspen.

In exchange we might offer to send an architect or two from Aspen to Havana to further their studies.

Everett Peirce


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