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Welcome to Hawaii

Dear Editor:

With the infill of high-end hotels, condos and fractional ownership at the base of Aspen Mountain, it is a little hard for me to care what happens to Aspen.

The Tippler is a prime example. In the old wreck’s place is this enormous building which totally obscures any view to the west and is available to a very few wealthy folks. The real value of Aspen is/was the view of the mountain and, as an editorial in you paper stated several years back, Aspen is looking like Honolulu with a 50-foot beach backed by 50-story hotels.

So, three-story buildings “downtown” do not seem to be an issue. To me, the issue is the grade of roof lines as they move toward the mountain, and single-story buildings may be the correct height versus what we now have and it is too late to worry about or change. Where was this council 10 years ago?

Appreciate you keeping us up to date on this issue.

Richard Wing


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