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Welcome to Braudis County

Amazing how time seems to fly. It will be time to re-elect our sheriff again. Certainly glad to learn Bob Braudis wants to continue being sheriff.

He is a compassionate, humane person of good character, who has demonstrated honest integrity and devotion to duty that has never been questioned. A pillar in the community who has become such a prominent and world famous figure.

I would like to propose the idea of changing the name of Pitkin County to Braudis County. “Pitkin must go.” It has been a controversy since the Meeker Massacre took place at the White River Agency.

This perplexing issue of conscientiousness and injustice could finally be resolved, and the county could have a name that promoted tranquility and equality for all people.

Bob has assured us and maintained through good law enforcement that our community is to be a “safe zone” for human potential and freedom of lifestyle. I raise the motion for Braudis County. All in favor, say “aye.”

Hinton Harrison

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