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Welcome to 19th century Aspen

Dear Editor:

The city of Aspen’s inept-ocracy has come up with yet another brilliant use of taxpayers’ money, and they feel really good about it: Build a hydroelectric utility, costing somewhere between $10.5 and $16 million and disturbing the flow and riparian health of two modest, pristine creeks.

Then, use this “green energy solution” to provide electricity for a government-sponsored workshop, which will employ people living in Pitkin County subsidized housing, to make buggy whips.

Tourists will purchase these as a reminder of their “green” experience in Aspen. Proceeds from the sale of the Aspen Buggy Whips will help offset the extravagant and ever increasing costs of the hydroelectric system.

Solar- or wind-generated electricity would be just too 21st-century, and too cost-effective and too environmentally forgiving.

Mr. Ireland, Mr. Skadron, Mr. Barwick, et al., are in the process of building an anachronistic, environmentally damaging legacy, to their belligerent, backward, self-righteous regime.

Bring on the hydro plant (but not in Ireland’s neighborhood)! Bring on Aspen Buggy Whips! Giddyup, Mick!

Kris Cox


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