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Welcome, Mr. Ressler

Aspen Times Staff

“It’s my job to make sure we put together an overall leadership at the administrative level that instills trust. We have to listen, respond and be available to our staff.”

The words of David Ressler, Aspen Valley Hospital’s new CEO, should provide encouragement to a community and a staff that has been battered with bad news for almost a year.

Ressler spoke in public for the first time at the hospital board meeting on Sept. 20, laying out his vision for what promises to be a busy honeymoon period as a new CEO. In the immediate future, he promised to lay out a three- to five-year strategic plan for the hospital, addressing both big-picture issues, such as building a new hospital campus and affiliating with major hospitals outside the region, and smaller at-home issues, such as employee and community relations.

That he promised to put the staff and the community at the top of his list is encouraging. That “trust” was the essence of his first public address ” he could easily have chosen “accounts receivable,” for example ” was reassuring. His words seemed to reflect a vision of the hospital as a community institution, something beyond ledgers and organizational charts.

For years employees and members of the community complained that the administration of previous CEO Randy Middlebrook was unresponsive and insensitive. In some ways, the hospital felt more like a fortress than a place of healing, as the administration and board members went on the defensive at the slightest criticism.

Ressler has an opportunity to turn that perception around. If he follows through on the promising words delivered at the recent board meeting, he’s sure to succeed in building a healthier community hospital ” for the people who give care and for those who receive it.


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