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Welcome back, Dill and Pickles

Dear Editor:

My family and I went on a camping trip a few weekends ago. We were about to head off when my mom remembered that we had to put our two birds, Pickles and Dill, back inside. When we came around the corner of the house, the cage door was wide open and both of our birds were gone.

My family and I looked all around the outside, in every bush and tree but found nothing. We had to leave, so we left the cage outside and we let our neighbors know that our parakeets were out and if they saw them to put them back inside. We went to the Flat Tops for two nights and I was always thinking about them. I thought that they were both dead because they had never been in the wild. I thought wrong.

When we got home, I decided to take a peek around the house to see if just maybe they were back, and thanks to all my amazing neighbors who spent all weekend chasing parakeets, both my birds were home safe and sound! So thank you to anyone who helped get Dill and Pickles home safe.

Olivia Porcaro

Snowmass Village