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Weird science

(This letter was originally addressed to Ken Moore.)Dear Editor:Thank you for the copies of your recent letters to the editor. I seldom read these letters when they appear in print, although I occasionally write one myself.Your letter dated Sept. 1 concerning the origin of human life makes reference to “intellectual design” – I assume you are referring to “intelligent design” – a theory recently given some publicity because of its endorsement by George Bush. The proponents of “intelligent design” are attempting to force all public schools to place this theory in every science class in the country along with Darwin’s theory of evolution. Since you and other Bushees believe that Bush can never make a mistake, your espousal of this theory does not surprise me. However, I think that the Bush administration went a bit too far when it forced the bookstore at the Grand Canyon to place a book written by an “intelligent designer” on sale there. This book explains that the Grand Canyon was created overnight some 5,000 years ago rather than by erosion over millions of years, something I find hard to believe.The theory that the universe was created instantly by someone, or some power, a thinly disguised attempt to bring God into the picture, upsets some creationists, who still hold to the belief that it took God six days to get the job done. Neither theory makes any attempt to account for carbon-dating fossilized bones that shows that many forms of life came and went over the past several million years.Rather than lead you through the various ages of man’s development, I will start with the “ice man” discovery in the Italian Alps a couple of years ago. The melting of a glacier revealed a well-preserved human body with ice-age equipment and weapons. The last ice age ended over 10,000 years ago. I assume that you will agree that man has evolved considerably since then.One last thought, if there really were an “intelligent designer,” I would think that he, she or it would have or should have done a better design job. In view of what man has done to himself through thousands of years of wars, torture, enslavement and rape, and what nature has done to man with floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and famine (probably half man’s fault), there is plenty of room for design improvement.If George Bush manages to screw up our science classes as badly as he has screwed up the war in Iraq, my grandchildren will suffer an intellectual loss, along with the economic loss of having to pay for the debts incurred by his stupidity in getting us involved in his war. Be a brave comrade.D.R.C. BrownAspen

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