Weird Republicans |

Weird Republicans

The Pitkin County Unaffiliated Voters are being ignored in the upcoming election for Aspen City Council. Nobody wrote us a funny letter.

The 3,000 Skico employees got a letter asking (telling) them to vote for: Hershey, McCabe and Richards – the Skico 3, who will support an inappropriate growth addenda.

The Republican party sent a letter to their people telling them to cast one vote – not the two as offered on the ballot. This is the Republican way – not the American way. They are saying, “DON’T VOTE” – how weird,

Unaffiliated voters look at the candidates, examine the issues, note who is supporting whom, and then vote (for two candidates).

We all know who not to vote for the Skico 3, but picking the winner from among the other six good candidates is difficult.

I am personally supporting Tom Peirce. If you study his qualifications, you will reach the same conclusion. So, let’s vote for Tom and one more.

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