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Weigh in on Lift One

Dear Editor:

Many thanks to those in the community who contacted Aspen City Council regarding the Bert Bidwell land-use application. I know the developer must be disappointed, but just like the denial given by City Council to the Lift One project, these denials are really blessings in disguise.

These denials have given the community and the developer some potentially really exciting opportunities to make these pieces of our community be the best they can be, in terms of Aspen’s unique mountain character.

Which big project is next for the public to comment on, and how soon should you get your comments in? The next big project is the redevelopment of Aspen Street, aka Lift 1A, which is where skiing and ski lifts started in Aspen. And the time to get your comments in is now.

A task force was created to develop a comprehensive, or master plan, for approval by Aspen City Council that is accepted by the public.

The goals adopted by the task force and reprinted in their entirety on page 1 of The Aspen Times, May 27, briefly are:

Respect Aspen’s history in architecture and design.

Showcase and promote Aspen’s ski history and traditions.

Provide easy and welcoming access integrating Lift One neighborhood and town while minimizing traffic and pavement.

Develop improved lift access and infrastructure.

Create a “lights on” mix … while respecting the neighborhood.

Develop an economically-viable project without imposing burdens on the neighborhood.

Create an environmental showcase exploiting on-site energy.

While one of the big questions is, “Given site constraints, where should Lift 1A start?” where it is now? At Dean Street? Somewhere in between? Higher up the mountain?

In my opinion, one of the most important elements needed to make this project work ” a “seamless transportation system and management plan” ” is missing in the goals.

I agree with the task force’s goal of providing easy and welcoming access to all users that integrates the Lift One neighborhood and town while minimizing traffic and pavement, but more people other than the neighborhood and town people will also be going to Lift 1A. The current goal as stated doesn’t address the transportation needs of integrating users from other areas outside of town, which requires a different transportation management plan.

How can you get your public comment in? Post a comment on the Lift One master plan website, e-mail, write a letter to the editor or attend two meetings: either the task force meeting, Thursday, June 5, starting at 11 a.m. downstairs in the Pitkin County Library, or June 9 during the City Council meeting, beginning at 5 p.m., in the newly remodeled City Council meeting room.

Toni Kronberg