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TRY IT: Garmin Handheld GPS Update

by Stephen Regenold

Garmin has long led in the handheld GPS category. This month, the brand announced two new units with improved imagery and connectivity in the wilds.

They start at $400 and include a standard feature set with altimeter, barometer and compass plus upgrades for 2018.

Called the GPSMAP 66s and GPSMAP 66st, the units have color displays that are readable in direct sunlight. Preloaded topographic maps are standard on the 66st model, letting you hit trails or mountain terrain out of the box.

An interesting feature is the weather forecasting tool. Users pair a phone with the device to get up-to-date forecasts that provide maps to reveal temperature, wind speed, and a live weather radar.

Both devices work on AA batteries, so it’s easy to bring spares. The brand claims 16 hours of battery life in the most-detailed GPS mode.

But for longer trips, they can track a user’s position in less detail for up to one week on a single set of batteries.

Garmin built the devices to adhere to military standards for thermal, shock and water performance. For professionals and serious GPS enthusiasts, the units include RINEX data logging for sub-meter accuracy of GPS position.

Take a look at the new Garmin units this fall if you’re hoping to up your GPS game.

Stephen Regenold writes about outdoors gear at

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