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Weekly Journal

I just watched a speech given by Senator Ted Kennedy on C-Span and that, along with some books I am reading and have recently read, together have just deepened my amazement at the level of lies and stupidity committed by both the Bush and Clinton regimes.


I have regularly documented Bush’s perfidies in this Journal and reading “See No Evil” by ex-CIA agent Robert Baer (who also wrote “Dance with the Devil” about the corrupt US – Saudi relationship) just shows me the degree of pure dumbness that America has suffered from at the highest levels.


Baer was, in 1995 the ONLY CIA agent in the Kurdish north of Iraq, and tells how the CIA and Clinton government both refused to put CIA operatives IN IRaq to watch Saddam, nor would they support several high level planned coups against Saddam by Iraqui generals etc.


Read the books…. listen for Ted Kennedy … be shocked… vote for Kerry.



Today I went and saw a new movie at its world premiere in Aspen at the HBO Comedy/Arts Festival. It is called “My date with Drew” and you gotts to see it when it comes to your local theatre – you will love it.


It is a documentary following a “regular guy” and his dream to meet and have one date with Drew Barrymore… he was in her fan club when he was 10. The movie is real, funny, touching poignant and above all inspiring…. it is an everyman journey for visions, a quest for the LA version of the Holy Grail …. and what could have been just plain terrible…. and I do mean terrible…. turns out to be brilliant. I laughed, I cried, I marvelled at it.


Bottom line he of course pulls off the miracle of getting the date – against all odds…. and elevates the movie to a sort of real life “Field of Dreams” that will leave you uplifted, inspired and walking out of the theatre thinking “Damn, if he can do that, I can do….”


And you know what? You can.   🙂


Love ya,