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It just gets weirder, stranger and scarier. You need to remember that I grew up in a psychiatric centre in Australia…. my dad was a Nursing Supervisor and the job came with a house on the hospital grounds, so I am rather familiar with insanity and the hbending of reality, but I must admit that despite literary attempts like “Alice in Wonderland” and “1984” I have never seen such excellence in reality bending as the past weeks produced by Bush and Co. with the able assistance of lackeys and bumlickers like George Tennet, head of the CIA and fighting for his job and “credibility”.

I mean, really, we are now to believe that the CIA and Bush NEVER said that Saddam was a threat NOW…. oh no…. they said he could be. They never said he had Nuclear weapons that could be fired in 45 minutes, oh no…. they said he wa DEVELOPING THEM…. ETC. ETC. ETC.

And what is even scarier than the re-writing of recent history about the war ON Iraq is the fact that so far I have seen NO media stations dig out the original footage of the nightmarish scare tactics that Bush and Blair used on us to try to convince us that war was NEEDED and NECESSARY before Saddam and the terroruists came through opur loungeroom windows and murdered us in our sleep, or worse, while we were watching TV.

None of the TV news type shows have bothered to do the obvious and show what blatant liars Bush et al are, because they are owned by the very same companies that have poured some $300 million (SO FAR) into Bushes re-erection at the end of this year. Oh dear.

What to do? Begin by reading the following books and staying connected to the FACTS of the matter…

1. “Dude, who stole my country ” by Michael Moore, famed for “Bowling for Columbine”

2. “Hegemony or Survival” by Noam Chomsky, a pure genius.

3.”Bush’s Brain” by James Moore and Wayne Slayter. For the record, Bush’s brain lives in the skull of his chief advisor and political campaigner, Carl Rove. The book takes us through the dark history of Rove and how he turned his product into a President, sort of.

4. “Sleeping with the Devil – How Washington Sold Our Soul for Saidi Crude” by Robert Bayer. Scary.

THEN get ONE friend to read at least one of the above books and get them to get a friend and… well so it goes.

The madness must end and the sadness is that we, and the world, might have to endure 4 more years of tears.

Get involved. As Plato said thousands of years ago, the reason we must be involved in politics is that if we are not we are likely to be led by our inferiors. HELLO!

– Tomas Gregory.

 Copyright 2004


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