Weekly Journal for the week of September 5

Over the last year I have read, and recommended, quite a few books on the real situation and politics of our world, of the reality of the new world order as George Bush Sr. called it a dozen years ago.These books were by people like Naom Chomsky, John Pilger and Michael Moore, and I have just read a book more chilling than them all. If you have not read it I say this…. you cannot claim to know what is really going on until you read this book.It is called The Best Democracy Money Can Buy by an American journalist working mostly out of London by the name of Greg Palast.He is a true investigative journalist and every page you read will shock and horrify you, will trigger your despair and disbelief, will seduce you to return to the warm cave of ignorance and denial, and will wake you up to the truth that things really are as bad as you feared.He covers topics ranging from the true story of how the Bushes stole… yes, stole, the 2000 elections and in the process stole the vote from tens of thousands of citizens… illegally and intentionally.He talks about how America controls and uses the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the World Bank to rape and plunder poor countries of their assets…. the list goes on.Read it. Pass it to others, then vote.I cant resist two statistics from the book.First, the richest 300 people in the world are worth MORE than the worlds poorest 3 BILLION people. (Page 319)Second, 85% of the much vaunted increase in American wealth between 1983 and 1997 was captured by the top 1 % of Americans. Of the total wealth of America which is 3.5 trillion dollars this 1% owns 2.9 trillion dollars.Think about THAT!!And for a chilling possibility of the future… visit: 2004 Tomas GregoryVisit for personal Daily Astrology and lots of other great stuff!