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Weekly Journal for the week of September 19

If you want to see an amazing video about the future of personal computers go to:


The video is over an hour long and well worth it – it will blow your mind!

I have regularly commented in this Weekly Journal how things get to a point where I am groaning, thing “it has hit rock bottom” when something happens or is exposed and things get worse on the national and international political scene.

This evening I watched a two-hour TV special feature called “The World of George Bush” that covered all the ground of Michael Moore, Chomsky, Pilger etc. but in it they dropped a bombshell that shook me. It is almost unbelievable, and yet it is true. Are you ready?

Mr. Prescott Bush, George Bush Senior’s father and the current President’s grandfather was an American Senator and also a banker, and just happened to be the banker for a major German company all through World War Two while his son was an airman fighting against the Axis of Germany, Italy and Japan.

Mr. Prescott Bush was also the personal banker to one Adolph Hitler all through the war as well, and after the was the American government confiscated all his companies for “trading with the enemy”.

Yep, you read that right. The father and grandfather of two American Presidents, one of whom is in the Oval Office of the White House now and is running for re-election in about 7 weeks, was the personal banker to the head of the Third Reich, instigator of the Holocaust and enemy to America Adolph Hitler.

Now, tell me it can’t get any worse. Please.

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