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Weekly Journal for the week of September 12

A letter to a friend…. and two powerful websites to visit at:http://www.aclu.org/Privacy/Privacy.cfm?ID=14240&c=130 andhttp://www.bushin30seconds.org/AND the letter….Mary,So, things are tough again and you want to quit if they stay that way.Well…. ta da!There it is…. there is the challenge of what is going on which is to push you harder to go deeper to the place that still is willing to quit.So far you have gone pretty damn deep in facing that feeling (to quit) and have chosen to NOT.Now you – and it is connected to what is happening for everyone in the stars – are confronting old issues of lack of love and value, respect and appreciation which feel like garbage, so the first challenge is to feel them and start getting and giving yourself what was missing.The concomitant challenge is to test yourself as to whether you quit because its hard again.And truth is you clearly – at that deep level – want more pain and torture (and get it in the form of misery and giving-up-despair) because as we saw so clearly before that IS part of your growth path and process, so the amazing paradox here is that you make yourself feel bad as a way to get you moving deeper because you have felt good while you were digesting all you opened up (to) be being tortured because – and this is so good – IT was so good and worked so well!LOLOLAnd – like I did – you have a core life choice to make and the sooner you do the easier and more fun everything gets forever.Either quit, or never quit. ONCE you choose to NEVER quit the level of test is never so full-on challenging, you never again doubt yourself, and what arises is the inner knowledge that you CAN and WILL overcome and master whatEVER tests, challenges and lessons get thrown your way by the Universe, your Higher Self, or anyone else who comes along. You then KNOW you will make it, you know you will get there and you know that part of your future path is certain, and your pain, fear and other hurts subside that much more. That IS how it works. That IS what you need to face now and make a choice about…. are you going to quit, go for your life 100% or stay sitting on the fence?You like me create pain and drama on a regular basis in order to stir things up, break the static (and boring) state of current life and get growing again.So we both go thru cycles of hard and easy.Then easy and hard….Along the way we have HUGE growth and grow value and accumulate wisdom and knowledge and strength and power and self – awareness and eventually enlightenment and along the way end / burn off past karma.So you can joyfully embrace that huge and amazing adventure / path or you can hide like most people do, and give up.To embrace it all also means you get to learn to take charge of it – to be much more in control of HOW, WHERE and WHEN your lessons / pains / challenges and tortures arrive and then to find which ones you enjoy.Like some people do it through running marathons, for example, tho your path has to be much more up close and personal of course.So…. what say thee fair lady?? :-)Are you staying on the journey / path we have been on, and many many people of great value and integrity choose to take?I sure hope so… I’d miss you very much if you gave up and quit.Hugs and love,Tomas(Her response after that? I quit on quitting!) Yeah !! 🙂 2004 Tomas GregoryVisit http://tomasgregory.com for personal Daily Astrology and lots of other great stuff!